From 'Mom' to ‘Mompreneur’ The inspiring Journey of Moms Turning to Successful Entrepreneurs

From 'Mom' to ‘Mompreneur’ The inspiring Journey of Moms Turning to Successful Entrepreneurs

"From nurturing hearts to building empires, the journey from 'Mom' to 'Mompreneur' is a testament to the resilience, creativity, and unstoppable spirit of mothers turning dreams into successful enterprises. In every venture, they redefine the meaning of motherhood, proving that the power of love can fuel not only a family but also a thriving business."

In this article, we applaud the success stories of moms and 'Mompreneurs' who work hard every day to make incredible contributions, set new goals as entrepreneurs and businesswomen, and carve an audience for themselves in a male-dominated sector.

We appreciate these "Stars" who have given entrepreneurship an entirely new meaning as "Mompreneur."

As a culture, we have changed in many ways in recent years, and one of the primary causes for this evolution may be traced to our mothers. Our mothers face many hardships and trials in order to make our lives better as we grow while maintaining their cool.

The multitasking Moms, also known as 'Mompreneurs,' have come, transforming into entrepreneurs we see women managing their houses, changing diapers of their babies, and taking care of the family while also having a laptop, excel sheet open, managing figures, and reading their emails on the other hand. 'Mompreneurs' are today operating their own businesses and managing a wide range of operations ranging from marketing to organizing and overseeing their staff, all while working to achieve their objectives. As we can see in this decade, there are a slew of successful female entrepreneurs running their homes, managing offices, and working as owners.

What does it take to be a successful Mompreneur?

The solution lies in their capacity to multitask, which will aid them when they become entrepreneurs, as one must nurture, care for, and build the brand like a child with a lot of time and effort.

According to several study sources, there are 15.7 million women-owned businesses in India. 69% are self-employed and employ a large proportion of the population, which ranges from 22% to 27%.

Between 2007 and 2017, the total number of enterprises in the United States expanded by 9%, while the number of women-owned businesses increased by 45%—five times the national average. Women-led businesses account for 30% of privately held corporations in the United States.

According to the research, if given the same access to inputs and resources, women-owned businesses deliver comparable results to those managed by males. According to government sources, women-owned businesses expanded from 14 to 20% in the last decade, owing to the fact that the majority of these women are 'Mompreneurs,' or homemakers with children and other responsibilities.

Here are a few examples of 'Mompreneur' success stories:

Teal & Terra's owner, Upma Kapoor

In 2017, Upma Kapoor invested 8 lakhs in a personal body care startup. Her story is an example of numerous women who have overcome adversity in their lives with pure tenacity and persistence. Upma's tale is an inspiration to many because she is a single mother to her son while dealing with market and competitive challenges. Upma's brand Teal & Terra quickly established itself in India's organic beauty sector. The product manufacture for the start-up enterprise is largely done in Gurugram and Delhi. The brand's most popular product is the Onion Hair Oil.

RUR Green Life CEO Mompreneurs

RUR Green Life is a revolutionary Waste Management company that tries to teach citizens to be more eco-aware in order to maintain our environment, which is rapidly depleting of green resources.

There are two ways in which the business model works. Business to Business (B2B) and Business Customer (B2C) models, in which Tetra pack waste is collected, cleaned flattened, and then recycled into usable items.

Monisha created a creative aerobic Bio composter with an Indian Patent and Green Pro certification from the Indian Green Building Council. SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America) awarded the system a Bronze Excellence award on a worldwide platform for assuring a 100% aerobic, non-electricity dependent, hygienic, and manual solution.

Monisha founded RuR Greenlife in 2009 with the goal of promoting sustainability through a recycling program.

Monisha is a Standford University master's holder in industrial and engineering sciences and the proud mother of two adult children.

Shruti A, CEO of Hapup

Shruti began her entrepreneurial adventure after becoming a mother to a toddler and recognizing the need for additional options for toddlers in shops and marketplaces, as she was unsure what would be best for her newborn.

Hapup was founded in 2018, and the website was released in 2019, answering some of the basic issues that moms frequently want to incorporate into the correct kind of food for their babies and infants.

The goal was to provide young children with naturally created, loved, and safe-to-ingest food, and Shruti, as a mom herself, knew the prerequisites that many moms struggle to find.

Hapup has built a name for itself with three products: Hapup Sprouted Nutri Mix, Hapup Sprouted Super Mix, and Hapup Sprouted Ragi Mix, all of which are available on their website. The Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR), Hyderabad, incubated Hapup, which was chosen from 400 businesses for government support.

The enterprise primarily acquires ingredients from organizations such as Timbaktu Collective, and it is collaborating with researchers and scientists from the National Institute of Nutrition and the IIMR to improve sourcing and expand operations on a larger scale.


We celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of Moms (Mompreneur) who are also homemakers and are always improving their skill set to strive and accomplish in a male-dominated world. More women are now fulfilling their ambitions of running their own businesses and gaining ownership while maintaining a healthy equilibrium between their goals and family lives.

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