Building Resilience: How MSMEs Can Adapt to Disruptive Forces Reshaping Supply Chains

Building Resilience: How MSMEs Can Adapt to Disruptive Forces Reshaping Supply Chains
Building Resilience: How MSMEs Can Adapt to Disruptive Forces Reshaping Supply Chains

Supply chain jolts send tremors across economies, and MSMEs with relatively brittle foundations struggle to find footing amidst rampant uncertainty. 47% of small businesses report supply chain issues hampering output, as per the SME Chamber of India. With limited financial cushions, nearly 68% of MSMEs had cash flow for less than a month to cope with the pandemic shutdowns.

The vulnerabilities underscore why resilience has become pivotal. Especially when disruptions now emerge continuously – public health crises, climatic events, geopolitical conflicts, trade volatilities, or technology shifts. By 2028, the World Economic Forum expects over 50% of enterprises to face risks from broker dependencies, cyber-attacks, and operational bottlenecks.

Firms surviving tomorrow are those preparing today. Resilience manifests when leaders understand change triggers, adapt boldly, and convert risks into strategic advantage. Accessing external expertise also brings wider mitigation perspectives aligned with global best practices. For instance, only 12% of MSMEs currently hedge currency risks, as per an IMF 2021 report, compared to 71% of large corporations. Expert advisors can guide suitable derivatives used for
stabilizing input costs and maintaining healthy margins amidst import-export volatility.

Supply chain turbulence offers MSMEs an opportunity to emerge more responsive and forward-looking. Setbacks transform into progress when founders approach change constructively rather than reactively, especially by seeking assistance. External expertise helps firms sit on driving seats navigating uncertainty. The road ahead remains uncertain but also possibilities for enterprises to nurture visibility, preparedness, and responsive leadership as core competencies to master external turbulence.

The events of recent years have clearly demonstrated that supply chain disruptions will continue emerging to test enterprise resilience in unpredictable ways. Future-proofing MSMEs warrants building strategic muscles and responsive reflexes to cope effectively.

This is where tapping external specialists through the AceHours app helps crystallize business continuity plans to leverage decades of real-world expertise. By getting top advisors at your fingertips for ongoing guidance or needing firefighting consultation against black swan events, MSMEs gain an available ally through storms.

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